Lords of Strut Could Be Bringing Out A Fashion Line

Lords of Strut Could Be Bringing Out A Fashion Line
Sharron Lynskey
Sharron Lynskey

1 Jul 2017

They're better known for their bizzare dance moves but it looks like Lords of Strut have another career venture in mind.

The duo shot to fame in the most recent series of the talent show and became known for their hilarious dance routines as well as their zany, vibrant costumes.

Now, it seems like those colourful outfits could be hitting the runway.

"We've been kind of chatting about it [the fashion line] for a while and then a friend of ours was like 'you should really do it'", Cian told Sarina Bellissimo on Plan B.

"House of Strut", he laughs, "now the conversation has become a lot more serious. I have come up with the different items and stuff that we'd like to put out".

It doesn't stop there. The pair, made up of Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally are also throwing around ideas for a TV series and a possible film.

"We're talking to people about a TV show and we're talking about maybe a Lords movie".

"I mean, it's early days on those things but they're still conversations that are happening".

They also told Sarina Bellissimo on Plan B today what movie stars they'd like to work with. Listen to it in full:

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