Last Night's Love Island Episode Hit With Fix Claims

Last Night's Love Island Episode Hit With Fix Claims
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

24 Jul 2018

Love Island viewer's hearts were left broken following last night's episode. 

It was the lie detector test episode, and it has shaken Jack and Dani to the core, and now we're all worried for their future. 

It was all going quite fine, until Jack was wired up and Dani had a few things that she wanted to know about him.

She asked if he would be tempted by other girls outside the villa, and he replied no. However, the lie detector claimed that he wasn't telling the truth, and Dani was crushed. 

Despite Jack 'telling the truth' when he was asked if he wanted to start a family with Dani and if he loved her, Dani was still questioning his faithfulness. 

Viewers began tweeting accusations and were claiming that the whole thing was a fix to give Jack and Dani a little shake. 

Both Jack and Dani had an arguement on last night's episode which ended in Dani storming off and Jack saying he 'can't do this.' 

We'll have to wait and see what's in store Jani's future.. 

Love Island continues on 3e tonight from 9pm. 

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