Kylie's Answered A Load Of Questions About Her Pregnancy

Kylie's Answered A Load Of Questions About Her Pregnancy
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

12 Mar 2018

Kylie Jenner has spent the last few hours on Twitter, answering burning questions from fans about her pregnancy. 

She has spilled the beans on how Travis is doing, to her family and friend's reactions and has even revealed that she didn't think she was having a girl. 

It all started when she tweeted to say that she was chilling with her one-month-old daughter Stormi. 

Kylie admitted that she wasn't sure which sister she told first..

Kylie said that when she told her best pal Jordyn, she was over the moon..

A fan asked how did Kris react to the news. She said that Kris was incredibly supportive of the news and Kylie's decision..

When it came to pregnancy cravings, Kylie revealed that she was obsessed with Eggos and she loved In-N-Out burger when she was expecting..

Another fan asked if Chicago and Stormi were best pals yet and obviously they are..

Kylie sung the praises of Travis..

A fan asked if she knew she was having a girl all along. Kylie was shocked and said that she was expecting a boy all along..

Kylie also confirmed that she'll release a calendar next year and that she will maybe share her pregnancy photos..