Justin Bieber's Jeweller Talks Creating Hailey Baldwin's Engagement Ring

Justin Bieber's Jeweller Talks Creating Hailey Baldwin's Engagement Ring
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

13 Jul 2018

It's been less than a week since Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged and already there's plenty of details about their engagement and future wedding surfacing.

Taking to Twitter during the week, Justin confirmed that Jack Solow of Solow & Co Inc Diamond Jewellers created Hailey's massive rock.

Hailey was spotted wearing her huge and beautiful engagement ring on Monday in New York, when the pair returned from the Bahamas. 

According to reports, it was Justin's manager Scooter Braun that suggested Solow. Speaking to E! Solow explained who Hailey's stunning engagement ring came to be. 

'I was very genuinely excited for him and I had heard that he was with somebody very, very special and that they had bonded over personal things and I was just very, very happy like I would be for any young man who's on that next stop of his life, but for Justin, of course, it's that much more special and that much more visible for everybody. 

'Justin had a big hand in it. He had certain design elements that he wanted and he had certain expectations and I think we delivered.'

The romance of it all... 

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Solow added 'It was about the diamond. I think he knew very well what Hailey wanted in a ring, but he wanted it very much to be about a very special diamond. He left it in my hands to try and select the most beautiful diamond for someone like Hailey.'

And, Justin said the sweetest thing of all when he was asked what did he see inside the diamond..

'I think I see Hailey's face.' 

We're not crying, you're crying.