Jamie Dumps Bianca As Identity Of Secret Boyfriend Is Revealed

Jamie Dumps Bianca As Identity Of Secret Boyfriend Is Revealed
Georgie Crawford
Georgie Crawford

23 Jan 2017

Jamie O'Hara has appeared to dump Bianca Gascoigne in the Big Brother house. Just days after claiming he was developing serious feelings for her, last night Jamie told her 'You wouldn’t want to deal with my s**t', while Bianca replied ‘I get it.’

The scenes aired as the identity of Bianca's boyfriend was revealed. It's reported Bianca has been dating cage fighter CJ Meeks and the couple were still going strong before she entered the house. Bianca seemed to confirm the relationship in a conversation with Nicola in the kitchen on Friday, where she referred to CJ as her mum. 

Nicola said: 'Were you on and off with your mum? You’re not married, you don’t have kids. You’ve not done anything so it is what it is.'

She continued: 'Was your mum aware you were having doubts?' While Bianca replied 'No'. 

Now there's rumours he could enter the house to confront Bianca about her antics, alongside Calum Best's ex Lindsey Pelas.



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Just days after promising to fly Bianca to Dubai, last night we saw Jamie tell Nicola he had a raunchy dream about her. Speaking to Nicola and Coleen in the garden he said he had a dream he was 'banging Nic' and woke up like 'wow'.

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