Here's What Is Coming Up On Tonight's Love Island

Here's What Is Coming Up On Tonight's Love Island

7 Jun 2018


Do not read past this line if you don't want tonight's episode of Love Island spoiled.

You've been warned...

Last night saw the arrival of two new girls into the villa and the OG girl gang were not impressed.

Niall and Alex (finally) were paired off with the new arrivals just as the episode ended.

You can catch up with all that here.

Tonight sees the two couples have successful dates and Niall bags a kiss.

With yesterday's task being all about the boys today it's time for the girls to bond.

Dressed up as superheroes, their challenge is all about Girl Power with the whole villa coming together for a game of 'Truth or Dare'.

There might still be hope for Dani and Jack!

She friend-zoned him yesterday but then started to regret it.

And finally, Adam (who did appear on Geordie Shore despite denying it) is starting to go off Kendall. Already!

Love Island episode 4 airs tonight on 3e at 9pm.