Happy 40th Kanye - Top 10 Tracks Ranked

Happy 40th Kanye - Top 10 Tracks Ranked
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

8 Jun 2017

The self-titled 'creative genius' Kanye West turns 40 today. 

There's reports emerging that he and his wife Kim celebrated with a relaxing trip to the Bahamas. We guess there was a bit of truth in his song No More Parties in LA.

While we're on the topic of his songs, we've been having a much heated debate about the top Kanye West songs. It was a tough call we're not gonna lie, there's just too many belters. 

Anyway, here's our top 10. (*WARNING some tracks contain explicit lyrics*)

10. Jesus Walks

First he sang about Jesus. Little did we know that a few years later he would be referring to himself as a God. 

9. All of the Lights 

This song may be six years old but this Rihanna collab still feels brand new. 

8. Love Lockdown 

If you don't aggressively bang the nearest thing in sight trying to keep the beat going, are you even listening to Love Lockdown? *smacks desk*

7. Mercy 

Arguably Kanye's best collaboration. *Plays it on repeat forever* 

6. Bound 2

This one makes the list purely because of the attention the video got. We're pretty sure the Gards would pull you over for sitting like that Kim. 

5. Goldigger 

The one jam that everyone knows the lyrics to - GUARANTEED. Also can we just appreciate that this song is TWELVE YEARS OLD. We can't believe it either. 

4. Black Skinhead 

Such a crowd pleaser. Taken from his 2013 album Yeezus. 

3. Fade

Our gym motivation song. Teyana Taylor is so in shape. This is one of the best songs of 2016 and of Kanye's career, hands down. 

2. Stronger 

This song was released a decade ago, but sounds timeless. It samples one of the biggest tracks of Daft Punk's career Harder Better Faster Stronger. It was mixed over 75 times. TUNE. 

1. I Love Kanye 

This comes in at the top spot because lets be honest, it's probably Kanye's favourite jam cause it's all about HIM.

 Where do your favourites rank on our list? Did they make it? Let us know in the comments below.