Get To Know Love Island New Boy Sam Bird

Get To Know Love Island New Boy Sam Bird

22 Jun 2018

We're got a new boy on last night's Love Island and he's already in high demand.

Things have gone from bad for worse for Rosie this week as Adam has completely moved on with new girl Zara.

And things are getting worrying for fans of Samira as it looks like her partner Alex will recouple with newbie Ellie leaving her single - never good on Love Island.

So will Sam go for Sam? Will Rosie swoop in and steal the Bird?

I guess we'll find out tonight! In the meantime let's get to know the new arrival. 

What makes you stand out from everyone else?

I think I’ll inject energy into the villa. Everyone in there seems a bit more chilled, and I’m quite reckless. I make quick decisions. I don’t really think about what I say, I’m very impulsive. That will bode well with the girls I think. They’re waiting for someone with a bit of energy.

What would you say you’re looking for in a nutshell (i.e. your type on paper)?

All the girls in there are beautiful. It’s still early days so they’re all fair game. I’d go for Georgia, Samira and then the two new ones – Zara and Ellie. I’m definitely looking for love. I’ve been single for a year and a half and I’m a bit of a serial dater. I’m quite a selfish person in terms of putting work first. I need more balance in my work and personal life. If I can meet someone in an environment like this it will be perfect as I can get to know them without any distractions.


Warmer times 🍂

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What are your best attributes, both physically and mentally?

I’m easy to get along with; I’m quite hyperactive and loud. I like to be the centre of attention, I’m a showman.

What would you say people would find least likeable about you?

The fact that I want to be centre of attention and I’m quite selfish.

Tell us about your relationship history – have you had many exes and what do you think they would say about you?

I’ve only really had one girlfriend who I dated for four years. She won’t have a clue I’m doing this. She’ll think it’s funny, but she will be shocked. We broke up mutually and amicably, mainly because she moved overseas. We had steered into a friendship rather than a couple.


Back to the sandpit on Tuesday 🇦🇪 😎

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What are your thoughts on cheating? Have you ever been cheated on?

I’ve never cheated. I’m not going to lie, since breaking up I have been on a lot of dates, had different flings, but nothing has led to anything more. I don’t think I’ve met the right girl and my life hasn’t been in the right place. But hopefully Love Island is where I find love.

If a Love Islander could wine and dine you what would you say is the best way to your heart?

Banter, confidence, being impulsive. An ideal date for me would be going to the zoo – I like animals.

What do you find to be your biggest turn off?

Being really bitchy for no reason, and feeling like everyone’s against them when really they are the problem.


Oi sun! Where you at mate? ☀️ 📸 @chrisharveyvisuals

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What’s the most disastrous date you’ve been on?

I’ve been out with girls that have been so shy. I do like to talk about myself, but there’s only so much of that you can do, and when you’re not getting anything back -  I hate that. I’ve been on dates before and I know within five minutes if I will see them again or if there’s any longevity.I’ve used a few of the apps as well. I tend to use Instagram as a good way of getting girls. It’s like a catalogue of yourself. People look at my page though and think I’m serious, and then they meet me and I’m quite easy going and a laugh.

How important will friendship be to you in the villa, or do you think you would easily turn against others in your bid to find the right person?

Initially as a new person I’m going to respect the bro code. But if I do get on with someone, and it feels right, then I don’t really feel like they’ve known each other long enough. It’s not a problem to step on toes at this point. But I would do it the right way and be a gentleman. I think I’ll get along with Jack well. Alex seems very cool. He’s obviously struggling a bit, but I’ll be the new boy and maybe he can be my wingman. I might clash with Adam; we’re in the same industry and he seems quite serious. I don’t tend to get on with serious guys.


Training in the park 💪🏻 @toffgeorgia

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What is your biggest worry about going into the villa?

I’m worried about getting up early. I’m not a morning person.  And washing up – I hate washing up. I hope there’s a dishwasher.

Prior to Love Island, what was your biggest claim to fame?

I trained Toff from Made in Chelsea – I was her personal trainer. I haven’t seen her for about a year. Hopefully she’ll be supportive of me. We’d talk about guys and girls we liked, but we were just friends.  I also trained George Shelley.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on 3e.

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