First Look: Jack Meets His Ex In Love Island Casa Amor

First Look: Jack Meets His Ex In Love Island Casa Amor

28 Jun 2018

Tonight is the night six new boys and six new girls arrive in the Love Island villa and a clip shared on the official Love Island app shows we're in for big drama. 

It begins as the boys are woken up during the night to sneak off to the second, secret villa. Wes and Jack literally crawl out the door. 

The next morning the girls wake up very confused. An unimpressed Georgia takes to the Beach Hut to ask, "Where the hell are the boys?" The rest of the girls head to the balcony for a birds eye view of the villa. But the boys are no where to be found... 

Meanwhile the boys rock up to their temporary home in two jeeps. A letter awaits them and Jack reads it out.

"Boys, welcome to Casa Amor. You'll be staying here for the next few days. Have fun. #BoysWillBeBoys #NewVillaNewRules"

The clip then cuts to all the boys in Beach Hut 2 chanting, "Do bits, do bits, do bits!"

Back to the poolside and Dr. Alex asks the group if their relationships are open or closed. Sam Bird replies, "I'm open" while Josh admits, "The door is ajar."

We then see Flack arrive in the original villa to explain to the girls what's going on. She reveals that the boys have been sent to Casa Amor with six new girls but she also reveals that six new boys are on the way. 

Dani looks really worried but Laura, Georgia and Ellie are delighted. 

When the new boys walk in Megan admits, "It's a very hot day but they are making me extra hot and bothered."

Time for the boys to meet the new girls and once Jack realises his ex Ellie is in the group his face drops. All he can seem to say is, "Oh my God", over and over. 

We then see him talking in the beach hut and he does not look happy. "The girl in the red bikini Ellie, uh, we've got history." 

There were rumours building that Jack's ex was entering the villa earlier this week. That info was correct but we had the wrong ex!

Watch your back Jack, you're literally been warned.

Finally, are Josh and Georgia in trouble? After admitting that the "door is ajar" on their relationship he takes to the Beach Hut to comment on the newcomers. "Six absolute rockets. I'm in trouble."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on 3e.

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