Fears For Jack & Dani As Jack's Ex Is Entering The Villa

Fears For Jack & Dani As Jack's Ex Is Entering The Villa
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

28 Jun 2018

Just days after they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend, things could be turning sour for Jack and Dani. 

Last night, it was revealed that 12 new islanders (6 boys and 6 girls) are heading for the villa and that Casa Amor is making a return. 

One of the girls is Ellie Jones, is one of Jack's recent flames. Ellie admitted that she and Jack met in August 2016 and dated on and off for a while. They went on dates and kept trying to make it work but it wouldn't. She confirmed they weren't in an official relationship but they definitely talked about it. 

Ellie is a 22-year-old customer service and office administrator from Kent. Viewers are worried that she will split Jack and Dani up. However, it seems she has her sight set on other islanders...

'In the villa I really fancy Josh. And I really fancy Alex because he’s so different to my normal type, I think I’m in love with him already and I’ve not even met him yet! He makes my heart melt, he’ll be a good person to bring home to my parents.'


Living the best life 🍷

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Despite the fact she says she fancies Josh and Alex, perhaps Jack has the hots for her? Jack's liked quite a lot of her recent Instagram posts over the coming months. Perhaps they're just still good friends?

Ellie says that friendship in the villa is important to her and would be more heartbroken if she came away without a good girl mate than a boyfriend. 

'Dani is someone who would be my friend on the outside so I would like to think me and her will get on.' Well Ellie, if you don't try and steal Jack back, that might just happen. 

We're lighting all of the candles to keep Jani safe...

romantic candles GIF by Tennis

Love Island continues on 3e tonight at 9pm. 

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