Fans Think Caitlyn Jenner Has Hinted Kylie Has Given Birth

Fans Think Caitlyn Jenner Has Hinted Kylie Has Given Birth
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

8 Jan 2018

Did she? 

Caitlyn Jenner appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories, and fans think she has let the cat out of the bag in a big way. 

Kylie Jenner has been very secretive about her rumoured pregnancy and has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations. 

Many think that she has now given birth already, and just hasn't announced it yet - and it's all down to Caitlyn. 

Caitlyn appeared to stumble when she was asked how many grandchildren she had. 

'I've got 12... 13 grandchildren.' When an actual fact is she has 11. 

Just last week, Khloe got awkward when she appeared on the Ellen show, when Ellen asked about Kylie's pregnancy.

When asked why she didn't appear on the Kardashian Christmas card, Khloe replied 'You gotta ask Ky... why don't you get Kylie on the show?'

The same day that Khloe appeared on the show, Ellen lead fans to believe that Kylie was definitely pregnant. A video was posted on the show's Instagram page with the caption '@KhloeKardashian and her baby bump are here tomorrow. @KylieJenner and her baby bump are watching from home.'