Fan Calls Pete Davidson Out On His Gift To Ariana Grande

Fan Calls Pete Davidson Out On His Gift To Ariana Grande
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

17 Jul 2018

Pete Davidson, shared a photo of his fiancé, Ariana Grande wearing his late fathers Necklace on Instagram. 

According to E! News, his father was reportedly wearing the necklace when he passed away during the September 11th, 2001 terror attacks in New York. 




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One fan was quick to spot that he had given the same pendant to his ex girlfriend, Cazzie David.



I’m on vacation too

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The Instagram user wrote, ''it's so ridiculous that he gave it to his ex and said the same thing... smh''

When Davidson noticed the comment he quickly defended himself saying, ''Actually, I didn't give that to my ex. Yes, she had one, but it was a replica.''

He went on to say how he ''had a bunch of replicas made. My sister and grandpa also have one. The one that Ari has is the one my dad actually died in and the one he wore his entire career and the one I've worn for over 17 years.''

He then asked the fan to ''Please learn to be nicer and not assume the worst in people. It's a terrible way to live''