Ed Sheeran Says A Collaboration With Drake 'Has To Happen'

Ed Sheeran Says A Collaboration With Drake 'Has To Happen'
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

31 Aug 2018

Ed Sheeran's collaborated with some huge names like Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to name but a few. But, there's one person he wants to make music with. 

He's confirmed that there's one rapper that he's "dying" to get into studio with and he is very keen to make it happen. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ed spoke of his dream collaboration. 

"I feel like at some point, me and Drake need to do something. I feel like that has to happen at some point." 

There's one thing that may come in between Drake and Ed though - their busy schedules. 

"I've been on tour for God knows how long and he's been on tour and he's constantly releasing stuff. 

"I just think at some point those two worlds have to meet, and I don’t know how or what it sounds like, but I feel like it’s inevitable. I’ve only met him a couple of times. I don’t even know if it’s in the cards. I’d like to think he has the same mindset as me." 

We would love to see these two collaborate.. 

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