Ed Sheeran Reveals He Took Lego On A Date

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Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

21 Jan 2017

As if you need another reason to love Ed Sheeran - but he's gone and given you all one anyway! 

Last night, the legendary red head appeared on an even redder couch, and the laughs were flying. 

From what was supposed to be an interview about his new album 'Divide' that is coming out in March, turned out to be a very embarrassing one for poor ole Ed, as he has been outed as a total nerd. 

Now, we knew he had a soft spot for Lego - sure he even wrote a song and called it 'Lego House', but we didn't know he was THIS much of a fan. Ed confessed to bringing Lego on a date, building it and then leaving! 


Ed also talked about the Royal scar on his face. Even though he 'can't talk about it' he joked that it was done by James Blunt in a bid to get his pop career back. 

Ed, you have our hearts. He's also revealed this week that his European tour is kicking off in March and he has also been rumoured to be filling a slot in Croke Park this summer, as well as headlining Glastonbury. Both are yet to be confirmed. 

Oh he sure loves teasing us!