Drake Is Working On Kanye West's New Album

Drake Is Working On Kanye West's New Album
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

19 Mar 2018

Hearing that Kanye West and Drake are working on new music together got us like..

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According to reports, the pair are working on a new track for Kanye's new album. TMZ claim that although this is the case, they seem to be teaming up for a 'whole lot more'. 

They state that a source from Wyoming said that they've both booked into the Amangani Hotel using fake names and Drake has brought more than a notebook and pen to write a new track. 

It's alleged that Drizzy has brought his engineer, songwriter and his personal videographer along. In addition to this, tons of recording equipment was brought too. So, it seems they'll be setting up a recording studio. 

It gets better - Travis Scott, The Dream, NAS and Kid Cudi are said to be involved too. 

This album is going to be lit. 

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