Coleen Nolan Beats Jedward To Celeb Big Brother Crown

Coleen Nolan Beats Jedward To Celeb Big Brother Crown
Sean Reidy
Sean Reidy

4 Feb 2017

Coleen Nolan has been crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother after one of the most explosive seasons ever.

Over the last 31 days, she's been forced to live with some of the most dramatic housemates of all time, including Stacy, Heidi and Spencer and of course Kim Woodburn, who came third.

Jedward were favourites to win all week in the bookies and it seems like their antics this year in the house may have finally caught up with them. During their short stint in the house, the twins have been accused of being 'fake' and 'game players' by some of their fellow housemates.

Here is the moment that Coleen found out that she was the winner of the show.

Bianca was the first to leave last night, and her new man Jamie O'Hara was in the crowd to cheer her on, after their romance kicked off inside the house.

Nicole was evicted next, followed by James C - who was given a pass to the final in a task that made Spencer Pratt furious at the time.

Second favourite at the bookies was no good for Kim, as she could only manage third place last night. During her short period in Big Brother, Kim displayed her aggressive side on a number of occasions, including the time she had to be escorted from the building by security after her HUGE fallout with Jamie and Nicola.

Jedward finished second, and as always were hopping all over the place with delight.