Charlotte Didn't Remember That Love Island's Adam Was On Geordie Shore

Charlotte Didn't Remember That Love Island's Adam Was On Geordie Shore
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

22 Jun 2018

Charlotte Crosby has opened up about the time Love Island's Adam Collard was on Geordie Shore. 

Before he entered the Love Island villa, Adam denied that he ever appeared on the show. He said that he turned down a role on it, claiming that it portrayed Newcastle in a bad light. 

It wasn't long before a clip of him kissing Holly and Charlotte in the show resurfaced online, and Holly and Marnie called him out for lying. 

His part may have been small, so small in fact that Charlotte doesn't even remember him. 

Speaking to Star magazine, Charlotte said that it was 'years ago.' She added 'It literally made no indent on my memory at all! It was news to me when everyone was talking about it.' 

Charlotte laughed when the news came out that he had lied about being in the show. 

'I don't know him at all. I didn't even know he was called Adam.'

Charlotte also added that out of all the Love Island castmembers this year, she thinks he's boring. 

'He's the most boring one. You don't talk about Love Island and talk about Adam. When he dumped Kendall off the island that was the most interesting thing that happened to him.' 

In fairness to him, he's being talked about a lot, however it may not be for the right reasons. 

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