CBB: Jess And Speidi Say Goodbye

CBB: Jess And Speidi Say Goodbye
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

28 Jan 2017

The numbers have begun to dwindle as there's just a week left of Celebrity Big Brother. 

Last night, CBB kicked off the weekend with a dramatic double (technically triple) eviction as we waved goodbye to Jessica and Speidi. 

Jessica was the first to bid farewell to her housemates, after she was pitted against Speidi, Kim and Jedward. 

Speidi were sent packing - and totally burned Jedward when they suggested meeting up on the outside. As they were leaving, Jedward shouted 'see you in LA!' and Heidi was having none of it. She responded with 'I don't think so!' That's gotta hurt...

Heidi seemed pretty gutted to be leaving, despite not giving her fellow housemates much of a heartfelt goodbye. She said 'It was just about to get so crazy! We loved most of the house. It was fun to be part of the house this time.' With Spencer adding, 'You can't beat James C. I played along but you've got the best ever in there. He's the real deal, James C to win.'

Once Speidi were evicted, many began speculating what their post-eviction with arch-nemesis Rylan would be like, given the fact they did not see eye to eye a few years ago when they were housemates. However, the outcome was not expected! 

It all went down quite calm...


Rylan even tweeted after the interview saying that 'the slate is clean.'

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on 3e at 9.