CBB Chloe Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Calum

CBB Chloe Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Calum
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

21 Jan 2017

Chloe Ferry was the latest celebrity to get the boot from the Big Brother house last night, despite only being in there a week. 

She's had quite some hilarious and memorable moments - in particular when she tried to put the moves on Calum Best and was rejected.

Speaking to Emma Willis after her eviction she revealed that she's 'so embarrassed.' Although Calum was having none of her, she added 'I think I had the better chance though, don't you think? I think if I had stayed there one more night I would have had it in the bag! I kicked the chair, and the next morning I was like, what have I done?she said. It's so childish, honestly I need to go reevaluate my life!'

Ah we've all been there, Chloe. 

kiss nope rejected

Emma said that she thinks Calum did love Chloe, in a kind of 'want to look after her' way. She also thinks that Chloe could prove him wrong on the night of the finale. 

While Chloe did want to wear the face off Calum, she revealed that now she's gone from the house, she thinks Jessica will happily try kiss him. 'Honestly, I don't mind that she does. I really like Jess, I want Jess to win. I'm over it, I've moved on.'

Well then! 

Here's the moment she got evicted. 

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