Brad Pitt Reportedly Has A New Girlfriend

Brad Pitt Reportedly Has A New Girlfriend
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

10 Apr 2018

If you're still not over Brangelina, you better look away now. Brad Pitt reportedly has a new girlfriend in his life. 

Last week, he was linked to MIT professor Neri Oxman and reports claim that the pair are dating and that they've know each other for about six months. 

It's said that Brad and Neri were working together on an architectural project and have hit it off. 

Over six months ago, student Kathy Camenzind uploaded a picture of Brad on her Instagram, hinting that he and Neri may have been dating for a while. 


Ocean’s six? 😮 #whatjusthappened #bradpitt #medialab

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Neri isn't in the above snap but it implies that he may have been visiting her while working on the arcitectural project.

Neri is well known. She's no stranger to the press and has even given a TED talk.