Blac Chyna's New Year's Resolution

Blac Chyna's New Year's Resolution
Liam Mackessy
Liam Mackessy

31 Dec 2016

While Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian had a very exciting 2016 with the birth of their baby, Dream, the end of the year was filled with a lot of heartbreak and stress for the celebrity couple.

Rob touched our hearts this Christmas as he posted pictures and videos showing an empty house after Chyna took their newborn and left him. 

Rob was also recently rushed to hospital due to issues with his diabetes, but he has since been released. 

Chyna is now going to turn over a new leaf for 2017 (like many of us, we are sure!) 

A source close to the star revealed that she is going to “love Rob like he’s never been loved before,”

The source continued, “Chyna can’t believe the end of her year was such a disaster."

“It was supposed to be the happiest time of her life, especially since Dream was born.”

“In 2017, she’s going to argue less, listen more, work harder on her career and show Kris Jenner and Rob’s sisters she doesn’t need to ride their coattails by using their last name.”