The Best Of Big Brother 2016

The Best Of Big Brother 2016
Eimear Deane
Eimear Deane

3 Jan 2017

The new series of Big Brother is back on our screens tonight and we cannot wait to see who's going in. It's hard to believe this time last year we were just getting introduced to Jeremy and Steph. We also had THAT DAVID GEST moment that will go down in TV history. 

Here are the 10 best bits from Big Brother 2016..

#1 David is dead

There is no question about it- Tiffany Pollard was by far the most entertaining house mate in 2016, providing some of the funniest moments ever in the Big Brother house to date. The most memorable TV moment of 2016 (no, actually life) had to be the confusion over David's death. Now we mean no disrespect to the dead but if you watch this clip without laughing, you're a better person than the rest of us.

#2 Loving the drama

 An awkward situation for everyone else was HYSTERICAL to Tiffany Pollard. She LIVED for a bit of drama.

#3 Steph's Got her Knickers In A Twist

Who remembers the moment when Steph lost the plot about her knickers to win a task. Gotta hand it to her, girl's got some acting skills.

#4 The Christopher and Gemma Collins Dance

Outrageous scenes altogether. 

#5 The phone challenge

Gemma Collins was just an all round gas bitch. 'All good love ya'

#6 Hangry Meg

And we'll never forget the time Megan McKenna defined the term Hangry. 

#7 Tiff gets all the boys 

 Tiffany's flirty antics with Scotty T and Jeremy were both painful and enjoyable to watch. Shameless flirt.

#8 David's Random Stories about MJ

 Do you ever start a story and completely forget where it's going...this is a prime example.

#9 Tiff Vs Gemma

Two women you never want to get in a fight with...

#10 Megan looses it 

And who could ever forget the time Megan Mckenna lost her absolute sh!@t. 

Let's hope the new housemates are equally as crazy!