10 Of The Best Reactions To Megan Picking Eyal

10 Of The Best Reactions To Megan Picking Eyal
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

14 Jun 2018

Some poor choices were made on Love Island last night, and the biggest one of all was when Megan chose to couple up with Eyal instead of Alex. 

The whole nation and villa was rooting for Alex, yet once again he was let down. Viewers weren't happy with Megan over her choice, and took to Twitter to vent their anger. 

Here's some of the best reactions we saw: 

When Megan kissed Eyal right after she spoke to Alex and told him she still wants to get to know him. 

When Megan told Alex he looked good, then gobbed Eyal.

People now think Megan is playing a game..

Some people just don't 'get' Eyal at all..

People were fretting after that kiss..

People were LOVING that Adam and Charlie distracted Eyal so he could get some alone time with Megan..

People were loving how gulliable Eyal was last night..

And, Alex is finally standing up to Eyal and they're having it out on tonight's episode..

Love Island continues tonight on 3e from 9pm.