This Parrot Can Sing Exactly Like Rihanna. Swear.

Parrot Rihanna
Cormac Moore
Cormac Moore

20 Feb 2017

It's Rihanna's 28th birthday today and to celebrate, the internet has coughed up another gem. It's a parrot that can sing exactly like her. 

Don't believe us, then watch this right here:


A perfect rendition of her single Monster, followed up by a spooky weird Rihanna laugh. 

There's still no word yet on whether the parrot is planning on releasing any new covers online anytime soon, but I think we'd all appreciated some 'Please Don't Stop The Music' and maybe an acoustic version of 'Umbrella'.

Let's not beak to soon (sorry), but fingers crossed the parrot is working his next series of Rihanna songs.