This Week With The Spinis


13 Feb 2017

Meme of the Week

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Hope you're not having any Valentine's Day outfit dilemmas like this...


Humpday Slump Deliveries!

We spun out to Javelin to help them with their humpday slump this week. If your office would like a visit email us at

Leinster Senior Cup Matches

We'll be cheering on the Senior Cup Teams at some of their matches in Donnybrook again this week!


Chopped Longmile Road

No such thing as a free lunch? You know the Spinis always sort you out! Pop in to us in Chopped on the Long Mile Road tomorrow!


Fully Charged Free Breakfast OB

Free Breakfast Friday

Free lunch and free breakfast in the same week?! We'll have you spoiled at our Fully Charged broadcast from McDonalds Kylemore from the crack of dawn this Friday!



MineVention Plus Is Coming To Dublin

We're looking forward to getting tips off the pros at MineVention this weekend! Get goodies off us there.


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