This Beauty Collection Is All You Need For Festival Season

This Beauty Collection Is All You Need For Festival Season
Caroline Foran
Caroline Foran

7 Apr 2017

It might not feel like festival season is almost upon us, have you checked your calendar lately? Because everything actually kicks off next month. So we need to get our festival wardrobe in gear.

This year, it's all about getting creative with your make-up, and what better way to have some fun than with glitter? The beauty wizards at Penneys have some incredible inspiration with their recent Prism beauty campaign, with everything from glittered roots to the kind of eye makeup that will make you double-take. Why fork out for someone to do your face paint (never mind wait in line for what feels like an eternity) when you can get creative yourself? With these products, it couldn't be easier.

What's more, there's no right or wrong, glitter can't really look bad, and you can never have too much of it - unless you're thinking of the following day when you're trying to hoover it off your face. 

This summer, think pastel, think glitter - think mermaids and unicorns! Yes, we're not kidding. Mermaids and unicorns have been a major source of beauty inspiration of late. Here's what to pick up at Penneys now before it's gone, ensuring you'll be festival ready. 
Prism eye palette €6
Hair crease glitter, €4
Mermaid hair crayons, €4
Glitter lipstick, €1.50
Unicorn lip balm, €2