There's A Wild Theory That Kylie Is Kim's Surrogate

There's A Wild Theory That Kylie Is Kim's Surrogate
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

17 Jan 2018

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their baby girl to the world. The couple had their third child via surrogate. 

Twitter has been very busy discussing conspiracy theories that Kim's sister Kylie was the couple's surrogate. 

Speculation hit an all time high when it was reported that Kylie was in labour on Monday, which turned out to be false. 

Now that Kim and Kanye have welcomed their baby girl, fans are wondering what's happening with Kylie. She has been keeping a very low profile since the rumours began in September that she was pregnant. 

In this week's episode, Kris sparked concern for Kylie's privacy when she called her and told her that one of her employees was trying to take a picture of her in the house. 

Twitter is now flooded with the idea that Kylie was indeed their surrogate.. 

While it may seem like a possibility, others are not convinced. Looking at the list of legal requirements to be a surrogate in California, Kylie does not meet all. 

The plot thickens..