The Latest Brow Tend Is The Most Bizarre Yet

The Latest Brow Tend Is The Most Bizarre Yet
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

5 Sep 2017

Image credit: @lifeinagist 


Like, where do we even start with this one. Can someone find us all another planet to live on because we're not sure we wanna live on this one anymore. These brow trends are coming at us like...

 fail jan the brady bunch siteytmndcom hit in face GIF

We feel like we say this every time, but we're confident this is the most ridiculous brow trend of them all. We give you - squiggle brows! 


🌊 #wavyeyebrows #squigglebrows #sourcilsondulés #sourcilsvague

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But what are they we hear you ask? We're still trying to figure that one out too. But it's basically MUA's painting their brows into a squiggly line to give a, em, edgy finish?

While we think they're a bit ridiculous, you have to admit, there's some level of talent that goes into it to get such perfect lines. While the rest of us struggle to match our tan to our foundation, (don't get us started on liquid eye liner), these MUA's are on the next level. 

Sure this one even has her brows in PLAITS!!!! Ah here...