The Cast Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reunited In LA

The Cast Of Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reunited In LA
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

31 Oct 2017

*Cue the serious childhood nostalgia* 

The cast of hit 90's TV show Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunited at the weekend, and, we're having a trip down memory lane.

The gang got together at the LA Comic Con this weekend, and even spilled the beans on the Sabrina reboot, as well as posting for some reunion snaps, obviously.


#Repost @nate.richert ・・・ Reunited. ..... And it feels so good... #sabrinatheteenagewitch #castreunion #lacc17

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One of my favorite people... @alimiballard #quizmaster #sabrinatheteenagewitch

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The cast also joked about where there characters are now, twenty years later.

Nate Richert who played Harvey said 'Well, Sabrina and Harvey would probably be having a 16-year-old at this point, so because of the rules I think I'd be banished somewhere. We probably figured it out, and probably started our own, like, Hogwarts. Started our own little witch school, maybe foster some children that are part-mortal, part-witch, and [teach them] how to navigate that world.'

Beth Boderick (Aunt Zelda) said 'Aunt Zelda is driving an Uber in the Other Realm.' 

Nick Bakay, the voice of the iconic Salem joked that he and Hilda are living together. 'I think we are living together.  Salem is still consigned to being a cat for trying to take over the world. I think he's into Sudoku.'

In terms of a Sabrina reboot, what's the craic? It was reported earlier this month that it was in the works, and is said to be called Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and will be based on the Archie comic book.

Harvey's character is confirmed to return, but won't be played by the same actor.

This and hit show Riverdale are set in the same universe, so fans are hopeful for a crossover episode. Please!