Stacy Bans Kim From CBB Reunion

Stacy Bans Kim From CBB Reunion
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

11 Feb 2017

We doubt Kim is going to be a fan of this..

Former CBB contestant Stacy Francis has been speaking out and revealing all since she left the Big Brother house. She found herself getting into a couple of tiffs with her fellow housemates, but since leaving the house she has made up with the majority of them. 

Stacy apparently has plans for a Big Brother reunion in March in London - but she has no desire to invite Kim Woodburn. 

In a recent interview speaking to Digitial Spy, Stacy said that Kim 'came into the house from day one yelling and calling people names. This was not the editing of the show. Her irrationality - this was Kim. Without cause, other than trying to get attention from the public watching.'

Stacy will be in London next month for a gig and said that when she reunites with Austin, Jasmine and Jessica - she thinks it would be much better if Kim wasn't present. 

'Kim is a person that can never take responsibility for hurting others. And if she showed up at my concert with that negativity, people would probably want to leave.'

Stacy also slammed Kim's appearance on This Morning, saying 'I really don't believe that the others would be comfortable with having Kim at the show, as she continues on horrible attacks against the cast after the cameras have stopped running.'

Stacy is afraid Kim would act like she did towards Philip Schofield. 

Oh the drama..