SPOILERS: There's A Shock Split On Tonight's Love Island

SPOILERS: There's A Shock Split On Tonight's Love Island

26 Jun 2018

Last night's teaser for tonight's Love Island proved that we're in for a dramatic evening. 

While Jack and Dani are more loved up than ever it's all over for Eyal and Megan.

Wasting no time she is moving on and has her sites set on Wes. Watch your back Laura.

This could possibly be the juiciest episode yet.


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Megan Calls It Off With Eyal

It feels like just a few days ago when they were wine tasting and talking about their future together... oh wait, it was, but now things are all over for the pair with Megan admitting to camera, 

“I want to find someone that I really, really click with and it’s horrible when you see other couples having a laugh and getting on and you think ‘I just want that’.”

She confesses to Eyal that her feelings for Eyal were just down to physical attraction and he is not impressed. 

Megan Sets Her Sites On Wes

In a move no one saw coming (have they even had a conversation?) Megan now has her sites set on Wes.

Speaking in the Beach Hut she says, 

“I really get on with Wes. I feel like out of all the boys, he’s someone I really can talk to. I feel like I can be really geeky and silly in front of him. I can just be myself.”

Uh oh. Later in a game of 'Snog, Marry, Pie' Megan grabs her opportunity and kisses him.  

Laura Is Not Impressed

Naturally Laura is less than impressed with Megan's behaviour. Speaking to Georgia she admits, 

“He’s told me before that he finds her attractive. When Megan was talking about not getting on with Eyal she’s mentioning that Wes was one of the boys that she had fun with.”

It's been a rocky week for the couple. Could this be the end?

“If Megan did try anything with Wes, I would be absolutely fuming because Megan’s supposed to be my friend and Wes and I have been together from the start.

Megan Admits Her Feelings To Wes

So this has just gone from 0 to 100 but it looks like Megan will confess her feelings for Wes on tonight's show in a bid to try and win him over. 

“So this is obviously really awkward for me. I’m quite an awkward person. I think it’s pretty obvious that I do really fancy you and I just felt like if I didn’t say something I’d regret it massively."

Wes Talks to Laura

We're not going to give too much away but Wes starts the conversations like this,

“So basically, today people have been saying I’ve been off, I’ve been distant, I’ve been not fully affectionate. What I’m saying is, I’m being honest with myself and today I just took time to reflect on what we have and what I feel like in a sense and I feel something’s missing. Essentially what I’m saying is there’s a particular person in the villa…”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on 3e. 

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