Penneys Christmas Wardrobe Haul

Penneys Christmas Wardrobe Haul
Caroline Foran
Caroline Foran

9 Dec 2016

It doesn't quite feel like Christmas until you've gone into Penneys and all but LOST YOUR MIND. So you're going to go bananas on stocking fillers - that's a given. You'll go nuts on extra Kris Kindle presents, y'know, just in case there's anybody that you've forgotten about, you're going to update your entire beauty collection - you're going to stock up on tights because every pair you own has holes in them - you're going to get your Christmas Eve pyjamas, but most importantly of all, you're going to want a whole wardrobe of sequins and sparkles and glittery things for the myriad of festive parties that spring up out of the blue.

We went to check out the new Penneys in Liffey Valley just this week and good God, you'll find it hard to keep your sanity in tact.

Here's everything you'll want from our favourite high street store this Christmas.

First up. We're looking at your festive wardrobe.

Jacket €30

Trousers €18

Dress €10

Dress €15

Boots €23

Jacket €32

Blouse €23

Satin Jacket €23

Shoes €22

Skirt €16