Our Top 10 Favourite Crisps - Ranked

Our Top 10 Favourite Crisps - Ranked
Andrew Lowth
Andrew Lowth

14 Mar 2017

Happy International Crisps (or Potato Chips as it’s officially known, but who cares) Day!

I know we’re in the middle of lent, and I know some of you might be feeling a little peckish, but who doesn’t love a good packet of crisps?

As part of the celebrations we’ve put our heads together here at SPIN Towers and came up with best 10 crisps you can get on these shores.

10. Doritos

The crisp for dips. Cool, mild or hot, and that’s just the crisps.

9. McCoys

For those who like a bit of extra crunch, but there’s plenty who don’t want to put in the hard graft of munch for something that should be easy to eat.

8. Pringles

If you’re a little under the weather for whatever reason, usually the dense flavourings of Pringles make you feel a bit better, even if you feel guilty when you accidently finish the tube off.

7. Keoghs

One for the real Crisp Connoisseur, Keogh’s have become a real favourite. It might not be selected by your casual crisp eater, but people who study the effects of the texture as it rests on your tongue know the score.

6. Hula Hoops

A rather playful crisp. We all bought/still buy these to wrap them around our fingers just because we can. Special shout-out to the BBQ Beef flavour.

5. Meanies

The thought of pickled onion makes a lot of people a little ill inside but, for whatever reason, Meanies work, and work exceptionally well.

4. Chipsticks

Our favourite snack as a child and an underrated crisp.

3. Hunky Dorys

Crinkle cut crisps aren’t as popular as traditional ones, but Hunky Dory’s are one of our own and the unique flavour of Buffalo, depending on who you talk to, was a crisp revelation.

2. King

In a close second, you could probably say King are the Prince? The next in line? This was a topic of huge debate, but ultimately it lost out to…

1. Tayto (Original)

The crisp of all crisps, and the one you definitely see the most of in the shops. Their cheese and onion flavour in particular is a highlight.


Now that you have your list, break out the bread and have those sambos!