Love Island 2018: Day 16 Recap

Love Island 2018: Day 16 Recap
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

20 Jun 2018

Everyone watching Love Island and seeing Adam's smug face last night: 

angry little rascals GIF

Things have come to a bitter end between Adam and Rosie. He went on a date with Zara, and the pair seemed to hit it off. Zara asked him where Rosie fits into the equation now that she's in the villa, Adam made it clear that he was keeping his options open. 'I’m going to leave it for now but put this way, I’ll not be kissing her goodnight in bed.' When it was finished, Adam told Rosie that his date with Zara was 'a good date.' 

This resulted in Rosie getting terribly upset and couldn't even be in the same room as Adam. She slept outside, and being the fantastic pal she is, Georgia joined her. 

The next day, Adam spent it avoiding Rosie and flirted with Zara for the most part. This lead to the ultimate showdown between Rosie and Adam. Someone get this girl an Oscar!!

As for Alex, things may be finally looking up. He got a second kiss from Ellie. He made her breakfast the morning after their date and he's only smitten with himself.

She's still in two minds between him and Wes, however, she did say Alex was the 'full package.'

In a teaser for tonight's episode, we see Rosie warn Zara about Adam and his sneaky ways. 

Love Island continues tonight on 3e from 9pm. 

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