Last-Minute Stocking Filler Ideas For Christmas

Last-Minute Stocking Filler Ideas For Christmas
Stephen Murphy
Stephen Murphy

18 Dec 2017

If the last week before Christmas panic has set in and you still haven't done all of your shopping, don't worry.

We've put together a list of some stocking filler ideas that could be perfect for someone in your life.

Gin-Filled Baubles

€26.99 from Aldi

For the person in your life who loves Christmas and gin, they'll definitely appreciate baubles that are filled with actual gin.

Spotify Gift Cards

These are perfect last-minute gift options for someone into their music, but a bit fed up of not having Spotify Premium.

There are different value options available and they can be easily bought from stores.

All the person has to do is log in and enter the code on the card!

Reusable Coffee Cup

€22 from Keepcup

These could come in really handy and save a bit of money too.

For someone who loves their coffee, a KeepCup means they can make their own at home and bring it into work or college.

Or if you can't go without your daily Starbucks, many coffee chains are giving discounts to people who bring their own reusable cup in. 


World's Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox

Around €8 from Not on the High Street

If you know someone who really loves hot chillis and is pretty daring, this could be a good one.

It's a matchbox filled with some of the hottest chilli powders ever tested, including current world champion the Scorpion Moruga.


Wireless Speakers

€26 from Debenhams

Everyone needs some speakers for festivals or just blaring music around the house.

If you don't want to spend too much, these are a good value option and can connect to your phone through bluetooth.



Firefly Clips Fairy Lights

€18 from Urban Outfitters

This would be such a nice thing for someone's bedroom. 

Fairy lights with clips on them that you can attach photos to!

Chocolate Game Controller

€6 from Very

No stocking would be complete without some chocolate and this is something a bit different if you know someone into gaming.

A controller made out of chocolate.

We're sold.