Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Christmas Gift Wrapping Inspiration
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

12 Dec 2017

Whether you're absolutely hopeless at gift wrapping and leave it all to the last minute in the hopes that someone will offer to do it for you or whether you're a budding Martha Stewart here are some present wrapping tips, tricks and inspiration that will help you out this Christmas. 

Measuring how much paper you need is key 

Lay out your wrapping paper across a hard surface then roll your present across the paper making sure you've enough to cover each side. Leave yourself an extra few centimetres then cut. 

Double sided sellotape will make your life easier 

No more trying to stick it back on itself and then getting annoyed and throwing it across the room. Treat yourself to double sided tape and a sellotape holder.

Use a stamp roller to make your own wrapping paper

If you're feeling extra creative you could grab some plain paper and a stamp roller and customise your gift wrap.

Ribbon tape will make a present look effortlessly classy 

It's basically sellotape with pictures but it really makes it look like you've upped your game.

Never underestimate a gift bag

And if all else fails, throw it in a gift bag with some crepe paper and you're good to go. 

Now for some inspiration... 


Brown paper packages tied with string ❤️💚 What does your zero waste gift wrapping look like this holiday season??

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Happy wrapping!