Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas
Laura Bracken
Laura Bracken

15 Dec 2016

Gone are the days where it's simply a real evergreen or an artificial tree. Here are some alternative Christmas trees that you can get creative with this year. 

Perhaps you live in a little apartment and are stuck for some space. These wall trees are just as beautiful and sparkly without taking up half the room. 

Maybe 2016 was particularly eventful for you. Why not print off the best pictures of the year or even your favourite snaps of your loved ones? 

Such a cute idea for pictures during the Christmas season:  

Or do the same with your cards. 

Noël 2014 : faire et décorer un sapin alternatif:


🎄🎄 Year 3 Chriatmas Tree 😍 my favourite so far! #Christmas #ChristmasTree #AlternativeChristmasTree #BlackAndWhite #Memories

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If you're a self-confessed Jamie Oliver, you should bake your own tree. Reap in the awards by indulging after spending an hour or two in the kitchen! 

If you don't get that far, you could at least stack the utensils!

Re-Purposed Rolling Pin Christmas Tree

Some people seem to be under the illusion that if you stick lights on pretty much anything in your house it makes a tree - and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. 


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Coffee lovers this one is such an easy option for you. If you simply collect the cups from your daily caffeine fix and stack them - you'll have a tree. 

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