7 Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

7 Christmas Tree Topper Ideas
Hannah O'Connell
Hannah O'Connell

4 Dec 2017

Swarovski Tree Topper

For the most over the top and glam person in your life.


Paperchase Pink Star Tree Topper

A more modern take on the traditional star, you can get this via Asos.


Elf Christmas Tree Topper

The idea of an Elf tree is pretty adorable, this one is available from Newlands.ie.


Gisela Graham Glitter Fairy Tree Topper

You're guaranteed to wow all younger members of your family with this glittery, fairy topper from Littlewoods.


Selfridges Angel Tree Topper

You'll be a big hit at Christmas Day mass with this on top of your tree. 


LED Star Tree Topper

Make sure your decorating efforts don't go unnoticed with this light up number. 


Personalised Tree Topper

This could get dangerous but, Etsy shop TwentySevenUK will print personalised messages onto star tree toppers.

€32.81 + shipping