20 Kris Kindle Presents For Less Than €20

20 Kris Kindle Presents For Less Than €20
Sharron Lynskey
Sharron Lynskey

29 Nov 2017

You've a budget of twenty quid to get something decent.

It's not an easy task but lucky for you, we've rounded up some of the best gifts on the market. Because we're a sound bunch, we've also added links to them all - just click on the title. 

Here are twenty gifts you can get your Kris Kindle for €20 or less:

1. A Gobshite mug

Tell Paul in marketing what you really think of him this Christmas. Also available in a pink 'Geebag' version.

2. Mini Walkie Talkies

Did you get your work bestie in this year's office Kris Kindle? Get them a walkie talkie that ye can both use in the office.

3. A 90s Colouring Book

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Britney Spears are all there to be coloured in. They'll love you forever.

4. A funky wall planner

Complete with a pen and a 'Stuff I Need To Stay Awake Through' tab. Handy.

5. A retro TV game

Ideal if your Secret Santa is gaming mad but you haven't a breeze what to get them. This plugs directly into their TV and has over 200 classic arcade-style games to choose from. They'll be glued to it come Christmas Day.

6. This Cogsworth clock

You know the type. That friend who absolutely lost their sh*t when Beauty and the Beast came out this year. Go one up and get them their own Cogsworth clock from Penneys. They'll be chuffed.

7. An actual Tamogotchi

Bring them back to the 90s with their very own Tamogotchi-style game. Then watch them weep in the New Year when they realise they haven't fed the thing in eight days.


8. Christmas Loo Roll

Sick of their crappy Christmas jokes? Let them know with a loo roll full of them.

9. A Super Mario mug

You really can't go wrong with a good mug. This one from Penneys even changes colour as it heats up which'll keep your Secret Santa entertained for at least a day. 

10. A Crazy Cat Lady action figure

Now there's a super hero we can all get behind. It even includes a herd of six cats - what more could ya want? It's €2 above budget but worth every cent.

11. A Yoda USB key

Keep all the important files safe from the dark side with this Yoda-shaped USB key. 

12. A furry unicorn notebook

They'll be rocking up to all the important business meetings with this furry notebook in hand. How fabulous!


13. A personalised make-up bag

They'll never lose their favourite foundation again.

14. A Chip mug

People went crazy for these earlier in the year. Get one for your Secret Santa and never hear them moan about not having 'a good work mug' ever again.

15. A Henry hoover for your desk

You know that colleague. The one who always leaves crumbs all over the desk. Well now they've no excuse thanks to their very own mini-Henry.

16. A novelty mouse

Pimp my desk! This cute, pink, whale-shaped mouse will make any workspace stand out.

17. A light-up beanie hat

I mean, who doesn't want one of these? Keep warm and visible at the same time with a light-up beanie. The battery lasts up to four hours at a time and charges via USB. It'll be very handy come festival season.


18. A customisable cookie stamp

For the baking-mad person in your life. Allow them to write anything on a cookie. Just keep it PG, yeah?

19. Lego cuff-links

Add a dash of humour to a formal tux with these cuff-links! They're all made from actual Lego pieces so you can add some bits from your own collection to really personalise them.

20. A Christmas handbag

Ideal for all those festive nights out!