10 Irish Women That Inspire Us

10 Irish Women That Inspire Us
Rachael Ryan
Rachael Ryan

8 Mar 2018

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, Spin 1038’s talk shows Plan B and Spin Talk featured interviews with women from a variety of industries in Ireland to highlight the contribution of strong, powerful Irish women to our society.

These women are trailblazers in their fields and spoke about their journeys and what you need to succeed in their various industries.

Listen back to the women who inspire us:

1. Emma Manley, Fashion Designer and Founder of fashion label 'Manley'

"Passion, patience and persistence. You must never lose your passion to succeed in fashion and never stop knocking on those doors!"

- Lynn Ruane, Independent Senator in Seanad Éireann

"The longer I've been in the Senate, the more I've focused on gender and looking at how legislation impacts women

- Erica Cody, Singer and Songwriter

"Stevie Wonder was a huge inspiration of mine. I try bring that soulfulness into my music - Boys II Men and TLC are also big influences"

-  Andrea Horan, Owner of Tropical Popical

""Who inspires me are not the superstars, but the people I meet everyday living their best lives"

- Niamh Ní Chronín, Conradh na Gaeilge and Broadcaster

"Learning Irish in a classroom, most people won't enjoy it- when you're out there doing fun things in Irish, it makes a huge difference!"

- Aoife Caulfield, Team Leader at Twitter

"So many conversations start on Twitter to make us really think about our actions..."

As well as all these deadly guests we had on, Spin Talk also featured a panel of guests today to discuss topics such as the 'Times Up' Campaign, anxiety, social media and what feminism means in 2018. 

- Aisling Keenan, Journalist 

- Rebecca Horan, Journalist

- Author Caroline Foran 

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